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As we move further into summer, Australians are utilising their outdoor areas more and more. BBQs, backyard cricket, and a dip in the pool, what else could be better on a hot summer’s day? Home maintenance is a year round activity, but outdoor areas can be neglected over the cooler months. Whether you have an a pool surrounded by pavers, or invested in a natural stone patio, outdoor tiles require initial treatments and continued protection to ensure they look great and have a long lifespan.

Outdoor tiles are a great way to beautify a space, but you do need to clean them regularly. Identify what your tiles are made of (porcelain, wood, composite, or solid stone). Dust or dry mop the dirt and debris before you wash the tiles with a mild soap or vinegar solution. You'll need to deep clean the tiles once or twice a year to prevent mold and mildew from growing. To keep the tiles looking great, always avoid using abrasive cleansers and products.

Toilet designs have come a long way. And when it comes to style, comfort and water efficiency, Mondella has you covered. But before you make a choice, there are a few things you need to consider. We’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the toilet that’s right for your bathroom.

No one likes a grimy bathtub, but no one likes to clean it either. However much you dread this task, you have many options available to make the process simpler. You can use a natural cleaning product, such as grapefruits and salt, or a commercial product to thoroughly clean your bathtub.

The virtues of ceramic tile for bathrooms and kitchens are well known, but many of those advantages also make it a good choice for living rooms. Ceramic tile is durable and easy to maintain. It can handle even the highest traffic locations without showing much wear. Spills, chips and other accidents really aren't an issue provided the floor was installed correctly. And the design advantages are undeniable: modern printing techniques give you a wealth of aesthetic options for creating a floor that is truly unique to your living area. For example, there are now porcelain mosaics that look so much like exotic hardwood planks that you will have trouble telling the difference. 

Porcelain vs. ceramic tile: Is this a war between two vastly different types of materials or simply a war of words? The terms porcelain and ceramic are often used interchangeably as if they were the same thing. Tile shop salespeople often claim a world of difference between the two in order to justify porcelain's cachet and its higher prices. Is there a difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?

Ceramic tiles have several usages. These tiles can be used to tile your floors at residential places or commercial spaces. However, it is important to understand the meaning of ceramic tiles. These are made of clay, sand and natural products. There are different types of ceramic tiles and these are differentiated on the basis of their form or finish. Let’s look at different types of ceramic tiles:

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